Portrait and nude extended workshop by Greg Gorman

Greg Gorman – the famous American portrait and Hollywood photographer will be offering a multi-day workshop entitled "Portrait and Nude Extended Workshop" in Berlin from 10 to 14 September. This exclusive workshop that is held merely once a year, allows 8 photographers to be inspired and trained over a five-day period from one of the world's most renowned photographers in an intensive course. Several professional models with an international footprint (e. g. among others Playboy Germany and the USA, male and female) will be available during the workshop. With the help of experienced stylist and makeup artist teams these models will blossom to photo maturity.

Participants will gather in small groups of 4 participants in two sets at the same time – devoting all time to photography without having to worry about the details – under the constant guidance of Greg and one of his experienced photography assisstents. Greg will cover the most important topics from preparation to processing; this includes, among other things staging, light setting, communication with the model, location selection and aspects for image post-processing. All shootings are experienced  "on location" – i. e. take place in spectacular locations in and around Berlin. The sites are e. g.  the Beelitzer Heilstätten or a former Russian officers’ camp, which have long been closed to the public and can be entered for photography only in exceptional cases with a special permission.

The adjacent photos should help to get an impression of the locations and models. This workshop is also interesting for photographers who only want to extend their portfolio with high quality images, since a single photographer will likely not be able to rely on the provided staff, the setting at similar cost.



Wednesday morning: Welcome, participants’ introduction, get to know Greg Gorman and his work, review participants’ portfolio

Wednesday noon & afternoon: Travel to the 1st location, lighting in a natural & flash/hard light setting

Thursday: Review each participant’s top ten images of the prior day, shooting at one of the locations, lighting in a natural light setting, art of directing models and assistants, Lightroom and Photoshop best practice (part 1)

Friday: Review each participant’s top ten images of the prior day, shooting at one/ two of the locations, mastering photography with reflector, indirect light, backlighting, Lightroom and Photoshop best practice (part 2)

Saturday: Review each participant’s top ten images of the prior day, shooting in one/ two of the locations, brightening up with artificial light - blended light, Lightroom and Photoshop best practice (part 3)

Sunday: Lightroom and Photoshop best practice (part 4), support to create and finalize the top ten images of the workshop, prepare and print one image for each participant


Services covered with workshop fee:

  • Workshop supervision/ coaching: Greg Gorman and a colleague will accompany and coach the workshop participants throughout the five-day workshop duration
  • Models: 3-4 different models will be available throughout the workshop (alternating), 2 per day as a minimum
  • Assistants: Minimum of two assistants/make-up artist/ stylist present
  • Equipment: Flash equipment and reflectors are provided for shootings
  • Beverages and food: Beverages are supplied throughout the entire workshop, food supplied for lunch (sandwiches, salads, sweets, etc.)
  • Location: Locations/ studio are organized and are covered with fee


NOT covered with workshop fee:

  • Transfer and accommodation: Hotel and transfer to Berlin needs to be organized by each participant (possibly there will be hotel suggestion to have a common accommodation for the group)
  • Breakfast and dinner: Needs to be organized by each participant. Prior workshops have shown that the group aligns on breakfast and dining choices and/ or gathers in the hotel lobby to edit images


About Greg Gorman:

He became famous by the numerous photographies of world-famous stars such as Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Jimmy Hendrix, Grace Jones (just to name a few) and publications in numerous international magazines. But not only in nude and portrait photography he has established a footprint; he also developed videos, album covers and movie posters for box-office classics such as "Speed", "Tootsie" and "Pirates of the Caribbean". Over more than four decades he has been exhibiting paintings, published several books and won awards such as the 2012 Lucie Award. For several years, he has been working globally as a trainer for professional photographers. Constraining his work to a few lines does not live up to his achievements. For a deeper dive go to: www.gormanphotography.com or experience one of the three upcoming exclusive lectures, which will be held in 2014 in Germany.

Workshop cost: The cost for the workshop (services included as indicated above) totals 3.900 €  incl. VAT for the five-day duration

start:  10/09/14 at 8.30 o'clock
Atelier Grueneberg Berlin
Lützowstr.102 - 104
10785 Berlin




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