We are proud to exclusively announce that GREG GORMAN, one of the greatest contemporary photographers, will bring his all-new practice lecture series "LECTURE ADVANCED" to Germany. The successful star photographer with a worldwide footprint has enriched his well-established and successful series of lectures from the US, called "LECTURE", by adding a practical part, which is now presented exclusively under the name of "ADVANCED LECTURE" by DEUTSCHELICHTBOTSCHAFT.COM as a world premiere in Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg.

About the contents:

The event comprises three constituent parts which is equally interesting and suitable for beginners, advanced photographers and professionals alike, as well as those interested in the art of photography.

 Part I:

"My Portfolio" - my best pictures and how they originated.

This takes you on a photo journey across Greg’s portfolio with background info and supplementary notes on the emergence of selected images. 

The lecture encompasses, e.g.:

  • Presentation of excerpts of works
  • Transition from analog to digital
  • "Stars" versus "people next door"
  • Commercial and private work
  • Hollywood and other clients

Part II:

"The Secret of My Pictures" - how to master a touching portrait?  

In an effort to easily comprehend for everyone present – aided by a big screen –

Greg will walk you through some settings on the stage with a model to point out, in a step-by-step manner, how a portrait is created. Revealing all facets, starting with the setting, and without neglecting the essentials, i.e. directing the model, Greg brings forth how to master light and camera for striking results.  

The practical session encompasses, e.g.:

  • How is a portrait created in Gorman-Style?
  • Light setting (artificial and natural)
  • Working with the model in practice
  • Dealing with direct and indirect light
  • Instructions for color and b/w images
  • Importance of post-processing of images
  • Instructions for printing 

Part III:

"Meet and greet the artist" - or what you always wanted to know about Greg Gorman. 

Do you have questions about technical implementation, his settings, compositions or with regard of dealing with Stars in front of the camera? Whatever you want to ask Greg - he is willing to answer. To all who were able to acquire one of his 4 x 25 Fine Art Prints during one of his events, he is also willing to sign the prints. 

About Greg Gorman:

He became famous by the numerous photographies of world-famous stars such as Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, Merryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Jimmy Hendrix, Grace Jones (just to name a few) and publications in numerous international magazines. But not only in nude and portrait photography he has established a footprint; he also developed videos, album covers and movie posters for box-office classics such as "Speed", "Tootsie" and "Pirates of the Caribbean". Over more than four decades he has been exhibiting paintings, published several books and won awards such as the 2012 Lucie Award. For several years, he has been working globally as a trainer for professional photographers. Constraining his work to a few lines does not live up to his achievements. For a deeper dive go to: www.gormanphotography.com or experience one of the three upcoming exclusive lectures, which will be held in 2014 in Germany. 

For the fastest to sign-up there is a special highlight:

For each venue Greg Gorman provides 4 x 25 fine art prints. The fastest can gross a high quality A4 gallery-quality print purchase at a cost of only 30 EURO, which is sold in galleries across the United States usually for approx. 190 U.S. $. 

CinemaxX Frankfurt-Offenbach
Berliner Strasse 210
63067 Offenbach
Date: 30/08/14
Time: 17.30 o’clock / inlet 16.30 o'clock
Duration: about 4 - 5 hours

NOTE: The lecture is in English!

Our pricing

Early bird rebate until 16, July 2014

(Tickets are subject to availability, limited quantity, ‘first in, first save’)

€ 79,00

(net € 66,39)

Early bird rebate until 15, August 2014

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Pricing for students:

We are introducing a student ’happy-our-price’, implying that two students are granted access for the list price of € 99,00 (i.e. € 49,50 p. person) (Tickets subject to availability, limited quantity, ‘first in, first save’) 

IMPORTANT: Valid certificate of enrollment or confirmation of registration for an accredited photo academy/ school required for access. This document must allow identifying the participating students by photo. Without documented evidence at the venue, the ticket is merely valid for one person! The offer is subject to availably of tickets.

€ 99,00

(net € 83,19)



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